What a huge weekend!!!!

Thursday night I ended up on the town dancing my shoes off. I think I got home at like 5am. Friday I was woken up by a mate of mine who wanted me to give him a hand building a fence, I went to bed early Friday night. Then Saturday I worked all day and had a BBQ at my place for the AFL Grand Final – which then ended up out on the town. Woke up this morning (Sunday) next to a ‘not so pretty’ girl and had to make up an excuse why I had to go home.

I just did the ‘walk of shame’. I’m pretty tired and want to go to bed but it is a gorgeous day and a mate of mine just txt’d me to see if I want to go for a mountain bike ride and I think I should make the effort.

I’m going to be refreshing the blog over the coming days – feel free to let me know what you think. I’m half way through updating the blogroll too and here are some speedo photos I found on other blogs…..

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