What is your ultimate fantasy?

I suppose that I’m going to further define this by saying your ultimate fantasy has to be something you haven’t done.

For me that rules out, threesome with a guy and a girl, threesome with 2 guys, foursome with 3 guys.

What is left…. a threesome with 2 girls.  I can honestly say the closest I got to this was one romantic Wednesday night in Reno.  The two girls were HUGE but they loved my Aussie accent and I figured if I repeated the story, I’d forget about them both being fat and concentrate on the two girls at once factor.

Turned out a shagged a local chick that night who came over the bar and later she told me that she thought I needed saving.

Anyway, so my ultimate fantasy right now is 2 girls.  Now two girl, who are twins……. my brain my just melt at the thought…..

TwinsTwin GirlsBikini Twins

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