Quick post before Kip and I was out the door for Vegas BABY!!!!

11hr drive according to the GPS but I think we gain an hour so we should be there by 4pm this afternoon!!!

We are staying at New York, New York and we have a day there on our own before the crew arrives for the birthday celebrations (a friend of Kip’s sister – there is going to be like 20 of us apparently and I don’t know anyone).

Last time I was in Vegas was fun but the first, last and only time I was in Reno was one hell of an evening. Maybe during the drive I’ll put some of that experience in writing to share with you guys.

Should be interesting to see what kind of trouble we get into….

Here is some speedo eye candy for you guys, big boys, in very small speedos.

Jetski SpeedoWaterski SpeedoTriathlonSmall Speedo

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