My hosts told me about this friend of theirs who was cheating on his wife (who I’m met and she is gorgeous).  Turns out he was meeting up with women from Craigslist.  The end of the story is that his wife put a GPS in his car and caught him out.

I’ve heard of Craigslist but I’d never even seen the site but I thought I should check it out.

It is crazy simple and txt only – have any of you guys used Craigslist to pickup?

I thought I’d have a look at it anyway and found a 40yo couple that are interested in having an extra guy join in.  We’ve had a little bit of back and forward emailing and this morning I felt comfortable enough to pass on my phone number to them.

They sound great.  He is 100% str8 and doesn’t want any MM contact (which is fine with me) and his wife is really hot from her photos.  They live within walking distance.  Keep your fingers crossed for me guys!!!!

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