Looks like since I got back I have new neighbours.

And the first two nights I was back they put on a bit of a show for me. They are an early 30’s hetro couple and they are hot. I’m not sure if they are aware that I can see them but I’ve be given a pretty good show and so far they tend to last a good hour or so.

It was only by chance that I couldn’t sleep and walked out on my deck (wearing only a new blue speedo which I’ll tell you guys about later in the week) and I heard slapping. I peeked around the corner and had a wonderful view. I was completely out of sight and I enjoyed the show.

It is funny that I was thinking only last week that it would be funny if someone was watching Kip and I in his hottub in Breckenridge.

Should I tell them? What do you guys think? Maybe they’ll think it is hot and tell me that I’m more than free to watch?

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