Since I got back to the US I have been watching a little more of the Olympics.

I’m still not a fan but maybe some of the better sports have been on, Olympic Water Polo for one is something I have been trying to follow and the mountain biking is on this Sunday which I’ll try and watch.

I remember as an early teenage kid being on a family trip down to Canberra and going on a tour of AIS (Australian Institute of Sports) and the guy who gave the tour was a swimmer and he said that the waterpolo guys were the ‘Alpha Males’ on campus. The way he explained it was they were fast and crazy strong.

Unfortunately, the US and Aussie mens water polo teams are both out so I thought I’d post some waterpolo pics today.

I have an interesting redevous lined up for later this afternoon…. a married (to a wife) guy who likes to have some fun on the site that I’ve been talking to online for the last few days. I”ll post more on this subject/encounter over the next few days you can be assured.

PS – Is waterpolo spelt with a space or not?

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