Last night I was looking forward to hooking up with Carl.

He sent me through some pics and he looked hot, he loved speedos and he had a trampoline in the backyard….

But he piked on me.

He told me to call him when I left my house and he’d give me the address.  I had received a txt from him the day before so I know I had the correct number but he just didn’t answer.

I haven’t even heard from him today at all and I’m guessing he chickened out.  Not the first time this has happened and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Nevermind though, I had a quiet Friday night in (which is probably a good thing).  I did some work and I got talking to a member on MSN and we ended up watching each other in our speedos on the webcam.  It isn’t something I particularly get off on.  But I was sitting at home alone and it was fun all the same.

If you are a member of you can talk to me on MSN.  I had to restrict it to members because people wanted to talk to me all the time and I wasn’t getting anything productive done.  My MSN Messenger address is

2 thoughts on “Webcamming”
  1. Well, that’s it, maybe he just panicked. He could have told you, better to admit it than disappearing and leaving you in the road for nothing.

    Interesting blog! I have read your main one for quite a long time, but this one looks perfect for another bi guys as I am 😉

  2. Alex,

    Thanks for the kind words mate.

    Some of the guys over on my main blog don’t like my str8 or bi stories so this is a place where I get to share those experiences of mine.


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