Holy moly guys, did Kip and I have a HUGE night on Friday or what!!!!

It was a nice lazy Friday, I went for a swim, there was a bit of snow on the ground. As the day wound down I was sitting on the couch, in front of the fireplace, drinking a G&T (gin and tonic), reading a book (Guns, Germs and Steel). I was anticipating a nice quiet night, maybe order some Chinese and that is when things got a little crazy.

Kip announced that we were going to head out so I had another couple of G&T’s, then we headed out and caught up with some folks that Kip knows. We partied out on the town and then everyone ended up back at our place. Nothing too naughty, just a bunch of fun people in town for the weekend.

Then we just kept drinking and dancing and just shootin’ the crap.

All of a sudden…. it was 6am!!!!

No dinner, a few G&T’s before heading out and then all of that. I woke up at 7pm the next day!!!! Hahaha. Then we just sat around and watched a few movies and Sunday I slept in again as well.

I’m not going to go as far as saying I’m not drinking again (I think I was more tired and hungry and hungover)…. but I think I might have a quiet, more monastic week this week.

So to start the week, I was up at 5am (this post will be published about 6:15am) and there is a bunch of random speedo eye candy for you guys.

Anyone else have a big weekend?

2 Speedo Boys by the PoolSpeedo Self PicSpeedo TwinksSpeedos and BoardiesBig Muscles, Small Speedo

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