I haven’t posted about Will a whole lote lately.

To be honest I just haven’t seen him much at all. He had a girlfriend that he was getting pretty serious with and I suppose it isn’t the first time that someone has gone awol after a new flame in their life. I got to meet his girlfriend once and I didn’t think too much of her but I didn’t want to sound like a lover scorned so I put on a brave face and kept my thoughts to myself.

Well, they broke up last weekend and I think Will is a little beat up about it so I invited him to come up the coast for a weekend out of the city.

I think we might head out to some wineries and if I can find a good deal maybe we’ll even have a night out there somewhere (anyone got a recommendation?).

Will and I go back a long way and he is one of the few non-work people I have been able to share the speedo lawsuit thingy with. He is one of the very few guys that I could ever see myself being in a ‘grown up’ relationship with. I can’t remember the last time I got to cuddle with someone I really cared about.

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