Last night I saw the Louis Theroux documentary ‘The Most Hated Family in America’.

I think Louis has a funky style and he puts himself into some situations which don’t seem comfortable for anyone, him or his interview subjects.

This doco featured the Phelps Family who run this Westboro Baptist Church and they are the folks that picket soldiers funerals.

I can handle people who don’t like homosexuality, I can handle people who don’t agree with the wars in Iraq and Afganistan but picketing a soldiers funeral? A friend of mine from Tennessee is a marine (he is str8) and he became a marine so he could go to college and if he was killed in combat and someone was picketing his funeral…. wow I’m not sure what I would do about that.

Even if their church leader, Fred Phelps, died I wouldn’t picket his funeral.

Along with ‘hating’ soldiers, America, Sweden, Ireland, Jews and Catholics, it is not surprising that they aren’t fans of homosexuality. Fred Phelps does like Saddam Hussein, Al Gore and he is a democrat….. This guy couldn’t be more opposite than me.

In the documentary Louis did spend some time with Fred’s granddaughter Megan. I thought she was kinda cute and had some potential.

I’m not homosexual, I’m bisexual and I haven’t seen any posters of them hating bisexual people so I think it wo

Although I’m not sure she’d be keen to join Will and I this weekend for some MMF bisexual threesome action.

Megan, if you read this and you are tempted please shoot me an email…..

Here are some of the Westboro Baptist Church members spreading their message.

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