Darn I’m horny today – yes I am hungover as well.

I’ve been busy over the last few days and too busy to even masturbate but I’m making up for it today. 5 so far and it is not even 5pm.

My personal daily masturbation record is 10 times. By the 10th it was barely a dribble of jizz, my hand was cramping, my cock was sooooo sore I couldn’t touch it for a few days after. What is your record?

I’m not sure what my record is with someone else but maybe it is something I should have a crack at. I do find I can cum quicker when doing it myself so maybe solo is the best way to get a higher count.

Anyways this pic below was yesterdays ‘Speedo Photo of the Day’ – there are 220 speedo photos over there so drop in and check them out.

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