Sorry for the blogs being offline the last day or so guys – some technical thing that Kip didn’t see and since I was offline I didn’t see it as well.

I’m back online now and Kip has fixed it all up – gotta love that guy right!!! Three cheers for Kip – Hippip-Horay, Hippip-Horay, Hippip-Horay.

The snow has been OK the last 2 days here in Big White – cold and windy but a little bit of fresh stuff. I’m going to check on the weather forecast and make my move towards Banff by mid next week.

Not being online for a few days and I have a stack of stuff to catch up on. I have a few stories to tell you guys but in the meantime just wonder how lucky this girl is to have all those speedo studs….. Which reminds me – this is where I had my first threesome all those years ago. I might have to find that story and let you guys read it again – it was after all what made me start this blog in the first place.

Hope you guys all had a good weekend and I’ll tal to you more tomorrow.

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