It is that time again, where in the world is Dave Evan’s going to go.

Hanging out here in Colorado has been fantastic and definitely has given me an itch to get back to an Aussie summer. Summer in San Fran hasn’t been as warm our as outdoorsy as I had hoped. Although I love the city, spending a winter there doesn’t seem like me.

The darn US dollar is super cheap right now which makes it a lot more expensive for me to move back to Australia or New Zealand and I could spend another winter in Breckenridge with Kip as he has a spare room and we get a lot of work done when we are living under the same roof.

All these choices.

The least on my San Francisco apartment expires on Nov 1st so I could head out to the mountains for a couple of months, save some money and then head back to Australia in Jan/Feb and get the last of summer and not have to deal with the school holidays over there which are crazy on the Central NSW Coast.

I’d love to look into the Caribbean but I haven’t spent any time down there and don’t know the lay of the land which makes it a little tougher.

Either way – not a bad problem to have. As a friend of mine says…. white people problems.

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