Looks like the little brunette Texan chick who loves speedos is coming up to the mountains again this weekend.  She is from Texas and has a sweet southern accent but she has lived in Denver for the last couple of months.

I got a txt today from her wondering if I needed any company on Friday night.  Hell yeah I would like some company on Friday night.  The whole threesome thing hasn’t come up yet but that is OK for now.  If I had a bit of a heads up I would have gotten her a Wicked Weasel bikini for the weekend but it would take too long to arrive here.  I really like this chick so you never know where it might lead.

On Friday I’m going to txt her saying that I’m sitting around the house in my speedos waiting for her…….

If I do get to buy her a Wicked Weasel this is the one I might buy – I love the 2nd pic with the father and son.

Amateur Wicked Weasel ModelAmateur Bikini Model

One thought on “Wicked Weasel Bikini”
  1. mailbu strings if you want the US equivalent of WW. They make some pretty racy designs.

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