Sorry for leaving you guys (and girls) hanging yesterday…..  If you missed it scroll down to read the beginning of my hookup with this married couple in San Francisco.

I left you yesterday after the wife was giving the husband and I a strip tease.  The husband flopped out his cock (which is a monster) and I followed suit.

Then the wife started sucking off the husband while he talked dirty to her about the ‘Aussie cock’ that she was about to get.  Then the husband told her to start sucking on my cock.

This woman was not only gorgeous (I mentioned her fake boobs, amazing body – no tan lines) but now I discovered that she sucked cock like a gay guy.  WOW!!!!

I was horny as it was and if she kept this up I wasn’t going to last long at all.  While this was going on the husband got up and left the room.  I really wasn’t going to last 2 minutes with the skills of this little fellatrix and I told her…..

“You better get up here and kiss me or I’m going to cum any second.”

With this the wife, my cock still in her hand, pulled her lips off my cock and told me that she wanted me to cum.  Then she returned to her work.  True to form I was unloading my thick, creamy cum into her hungry mouth about 60 seconds after she told me she wanted me to cum.

She kept sucking and sucking and after my first couple of pulses my cock was too sensitive to take all that attention.  I was flinching and I grabbed her my the cheeks (the cheeks on her face) and brought her up between my gets and started kissing her… tasting my cum in her mouth.  She was still on her knees kissing me when the husband returned, completely naked with his monster cock still at full mast.

Darn – I am hot just remembering this.  To tell the truth I have been jacking off even more than usual since this encounter.

I’m going to finisht his off tomorrow – gotta suck down to the DMV – I mean duck down to the DMV.

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