How was your weekend guys? Anything naughty happen?

It was pretty quiet here, there is no snow on the forecast so nobody is all that excited about boarding right now.

Kip and I had a pretty quiet weekend with the exception of Saturday night. We hit up Cecilias Bar – don’t ask, it isn’t my favourite place. Kip picked up this girl which was great for him. I played the good wing-man, gave him some space and played the ‘place-holder’ when he needed to go to the bar. I thought the girl was kinda cute, he wasn’t as impressed after he dropped her back at her hotel room the next morning.

Poor Kip – everybody give him an “Ahhhhh, poor Kip.”

I think we are going to go boarding this morning for an hour or so and then we both have a shit tonne of work to get done. I’ve got some paperwork – whoohoooo!!! And I have about 30 pairs of my DE Swimwear that I have to post – you can get yours, just join and I”ll post them out to you.

Yesterday I checked out the pool that they have here in Breckenridge, it is a weird length, maybe 33 yards? There was only a couple of people in it, like 2. It is pretty expensive to join so I’m not sure I will. I’ll just have to practice my breathing on Kip…..

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